A painting of ancient Shali

Agourmy Village  

Long before Shali was built, Agourmy was the center of the oasis. After its Oracle Temple fell into decline, the surrounding villagers moved to the security of the strong temple walls and built an entire mudbrick village on top of it. Most of the inhabitants moved to the stronger fortress of Shali in the 12th century, but some stayed on at what is now Agourmy. To visitors, Agourmy may seem merely an extension of the town center, but the village has its own identity Agourmians even speak a slightly different dialect of Siwi.



Juba Bath (Cleopatra Bath)

Another favourite bathing spot for locals and tourists is Fatnas Island, located on the salt lake of Birket Siwa, surrounded by palm trees and beautiful scenery.


         Shali today

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Fortress Shali in Siwa Oasis

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