A painting of ancient Shali


 Alexander Tomb                   

About 20 km west of Siwa lies Maraki, a cluster of small houses surrounded by lush palm and olive gardens. Slicing through Maraki is a limestone ridge riddled with rock tombs most of them long since emptied that continues all the way to Libya. There are also a number of archaeological sites currently under excavation, including Bilad al Rum, a necropolis dating between the Ptolomeic and late Roman periods. There also stands a portion of a mudbrick wall, which may or may not be the remnant of an effort to introduce Christianity to the area.



Juba Bath (Cleopatra Bath)

Another favourite bathing spot for locals and tourists is Fatnas Island, located on the salt lake of Birket Siwa, surrounded by palm trees and beautiful scenery.


 Shali today

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Fortress Shali in Siwa Oasis

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