A painting of ancient Shali

Amun Temple (Om Obeda)   

The Temple of Om Obeda was also dedicated to the cult of Amun, and was part of a complex that included the Oracle Temple 250 meters away. Local archaeologists recently uncovered a limestone-paved road connecting the two temples, and the remains of another Greek temple between them. Om Obeda was built during the reign of Nectanebo II (359-341 BCE, 30th Dynasty) and stylistically resembles temples found in the Nile Valley from the same period. Little of the original temple remains today, and most of what we know of the temple’s appearance comes from drawings by early European travelers. Over the years the temple has suffered the abuse of an earthquake in 1811 and various plunderers, including an overzealous police chief who in the 1890s used gunpowder to ransack the remains for building his town hall. All that stands now is an elegantly illustrated wall depicting the governor of Siwa, Wen Amun, kneeling in worship to the god Amun.


Juba Bath (Cleopatra Bath)

Another favourite bathing spot for locals and tourists is Fatnas Island, located on the salt lake of Birket Siwa, surrounded by palm trees and beautiful scenery.


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Fortress Shali in Siwa Oasis

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