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Lies 360 km. south-west of Giza and 180 km. west of Assyut with a moderate climate both in winter and summer. There are mountains, valleys, olive and apricot trees, and 268 mineral and sulphur springs.

Set in a depression covering over 2000 sq. km. Bahariya Oasis is surrounded by black hills made up of ferruginous quartzite and dolorite.
Most of the villages and cultivated land can be viewed from the top of the 50 metre-high Jebel al-Mi'ysrah, together with the massive dunes which threaten to engulf some of the older settlements.
Wildlife is plentiful, especially birds such as wheatears; crops (which only cover a small percentage of the total area) includes dates, olives, apricots, rice and corn.

Bawiti is the largest village in the oasis; its picturesque hillside quarter overlooks lush palm groves irrigated by the Ain al-Beshmo, a natural spring hewn from the rock in Roman times which gushes water at 30'C. The neighbouring village of al-Qasr was built on the remains of a 26th dynasty temple - nearby, at Qarat Hilwah, you can still see tombs with paintings dating from the same period.
Famous for its mineral and sulphur springs, including Bir Mathar and Bir al-Ghaba, Bahariya is also known amongst local Bedouin for informal music and poetry recitals. Go on desert excursions by day and spend your
evenings relaxing in the cafés, smoking shisha, playing backgammon and listening to authentic Bedouin music.
Travellers can now go on either to Siwa, via a new road, or to Farafra taking in a night in the White Desert en route.

Via Giza or the Farafrah Oasis.
Or by Safari from SIWA


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