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Dakhla (Capital Mut) is the second provincial capital of the Governorate and lies 200 km. north-west of Kharga. Dakhla contains several wells, the most important of which are:
The Mut Wells in which the temperature reaches 43'C.
One well is 1224 meter DEEP, it has a round swimming pool and tourist resthouses with complete facilities.
The Pharaonic Wells of Ayn al-Qasr in which water temperature reaches 45'C.

Dakhla Oasis is a collection of fourteen different settlements, dominated on its northern horizon by a wall of rose-coloured rock.
Fertile cultivated areas growing rice, peanuts and fruit are dotted between sand dunes along the roads from Farafra nd Kharga in this area of outstanding natural beauty.
The capital, Mut, named after the ancient goddess of the Theban Triad, houses the Museum of the Inheritance, a traditional house, with an intricate wooden combination lock.
Rooms, with sculpted clay figures, are arranged to show different aspects of Dakhlan culture and family life.
As-Kasr, about 35 km. from Mut, was originally a Roman settlement which later became the mediecval capital of Dakhla.
The old town is a labyrinth of mud-walled alleys narrowly separating houses with elaboratelycarved wooden lintels; there is also an Ayyubid mosque.
Climb to the rooftop of the 10th century madrassa for wonderful views of the surrounding area.
Bir al-Gabel, a palm-fringed salt lake where you can camp or picnic,is on the road back to Mut.

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