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Gebel Dakrur lies 4 km east of town. The water table is deep down, so the surrounding area is dry and believed to be quite healthy. This is where people suffering from rheumatism come for curative sandbaths, and it’s also where Siwans used to camp out in the summer for a week of eating garlic (see “Siwan Medicine”). Siwa Water, purveyors of bottled spring water, have a bottling factory at Dakrur which employs many young Siwan men. Dakrur is also the home of the Siyaha Festival, held every October during the full moon (see “Festivals”). Two tombs have been found at Dakrur that date back to Ptolemaic times, one of which bears a Greek inscription.




Juba Bath (Cleopatra Bath)

Another favourite bathing spot for locals and tourists is Fatnas Island, located on the salt lake of Birket Siwa, surrounded by palm trees and beautiful scenery.


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