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A painting of ancient Shali


For a nice relaxed afternoon, it is hard to find a nicer destination than Fatnas Island. Just take a bike or a donkey cart for a slow ride through the oasis - about 7 km- on winding roads through shady groves and sunny fields, until you reach the oasis island.

If you feel hot and sweaty, there is a freshwater spring to cool yourself in at comfortable 28 degrees C. If you prefer to sit and stare into the eye of the spring, you will see a constant stream of silvery bubbles, circling upward through the turquoise water.

Do not worry about the brown stuff sometimes on the surface, it is just 100 % natural algae, and not harmful at all.

There are two cozy outdoor cafés for refreshments with nice palm wood furniture. You can choose to stay and sit until the

sun sets behind sand dunes, or lay down and dream in a hammock between palm trees. Swaying slowly in the soft wind, you will soon forget all about the worries of the world………..


Juba Bath (Cleopatra Bath)

Another favourite bathing spot for locals and tourists is Fatnas Island, located on the salt lake of Birket Siwa, surrounded by palm trees and beautiful scenery.


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Fortress Shali in Siwa Oasis

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