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A painting of ancient Shali
Siwa Oasis


An oasis is a depression in the desert comprising springs, wells and trees and reflects the beauty, charm and diversity of nature.
It is usually surrounded by desert, with green valleys, refreshing wells, high plateaus and sometimes therapeutic sulphur-rich springs.
In Egypt, there are many oases in the Western Desert. The most significant are Fayyum, Kharga, Dakhla, Paris, Farafrah, Bahereya, Siwa and the Qattara Depression.

The word oasis is often used to describe a place where you can forget the cares of everyday life, relax, rest and renew yourself.
Egypt's oases are just that: unspoilt refuges from the modern world, pockets of civilisation in the dramatic setting of the desert. Surrounded by sand and sky, the oases have a sense of timelessness rare in the 20th century.

Oasis was originally an Egyptian word ( from the Coptic ouahe ) and Egypt's oases are still the most varied in the world, each with a special character of its own.

Wherever you stay, enjoy the tranquillity of the Bedouin lifestyle,
the date groves, pigeon towers and blue-washed mud houses.
For adventure and excitement, explore the majesty of the desert by camel or jeep safari, spend a night under the stars and take a morning dip in the hot springs.
Let the night skies and the silent spaces create your own personal oasis - an inner peace to take back with you when you leave.


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Fortress Shali in Siwa Oasis

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