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4 x 4 Power

Bedouin Tent

Sleep in the traditional bedouin tent in the desert overnight.

Bir Wahed

Beautiful Hot Spring surrounded by a farm in the middle of the desert. Swim in the Cold Lake & watch the sunset from the dunes in the Great Sand Sea.

El Maraqi

Enjoy the mountains west of Siwa. See the specular White Mountain - Gabel Gafar, sorrounded by the salt lake. Visit the Maraqi Village, ancient Roman Tombs & the Bedouin Village Bahigdeen.

Abu Shrouf

30 km from Siwa across a scenic salt lake lies the village of Abu Shrouf. Swim in the cold spring of Ain Quarsyshet & explore the albandoned village at Al Zeitun. Here you can see the huge olive press & ancient Roman "Safi". Also here are many Roman Tombs.


Via Maraqi & Bahigdeen, drive through the dunes to look for ancient fossils. We arrive at the stunning Salt Late at Shiata. Migratry birds such as Flamingoes, Gazeles can be found here at times. Enjoy lunch & swim before returning to Siwa thru the great Sea of Sand.

Bahariya, The White Desert & Farafra Oasis

420 km from Siwa, thru the desert we arrive at the next Oasis, Baharyia. Travel direct (1 Day) r include Farafra Oasis & the Surreal White Desert (2 nights)

El Areg, Bahrein & Bahariya

El Areg & Bahrein are located between Siwa & Bahariya. El Adreg offers spectular views of Roman Tombs, mountains & The Deep Valley below. A beautiful Oasis with great fossils deposits. Bahrein Oasis has remains from pharonic times. See mummies in tombs. Enjoy the massive Salt Lake & Roman Tombs.



We can design a Safari especially for you. 1 Day or 1 Week - As You Like.


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