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PalmTrees Hotel Safari Tours

Your chance to experience the adventure of a lifetime.

Be taken away by the magic of the desert.

By Day

Abu Sheruf

A large saltwater lake with medicinal benefits for ailments such as rheumatism. Take a shower in the waters of the hot spring at the same location and then
cool down in the largest swimming pool in Siwa.

Al Zaiton

Olive oil press and Roman Tombs

Old village of Abu Sheruff

Ein Safi Village

Colourful Bedouins of the desert

The great 80 metre high sand dune in the sand sea.

Incredibly Beautiful at both sunrise and sunset.

Lunch at Duded

Baharia Oasis

A 420km journey through the vast desert landscape to Baharia. From there on to the lunar landscape of the great white desert for another night under a million stars. On the last day to Farafa
Oasis and back to the edge of civilisation.

Bir Wahed

Afresh water hot spring and a large cool lake. A mountain of fossilised seashells and coral dating form the time when the
Sahara was under the ocean.
The trip finishes with a spectacular sunset over the dunes.


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