Safaris In Siwa.

What to Bring on Desert Trips

  1. Binoculars
  2. Magnifying glass for examining fossils
  3. Swimsuit and towel for swimming in the hot and cold springs
  4. Warm sweater and sleeping bag for staying overnight
  5. Constellation map for stargazing 
  6. water and dehydration tablets or olives

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Youssef's Safaris


Sleep in the desert's enormous sand dunes under the moon and the stars.
Warm by the fire as your traditional Siwan dinner cooks and sip our special green tea.

Enjoy Siwan music while you lay under the stars.
Awake to the beautiful desert sunrise and enjoy our breakfast.

Relax in Bir Wahed, an amazing hot water spring and after, cool off in the breathtaking cold water spring.

Take a walk back in time into ancient Roman tombs and search for remains from the times of the Pharaohs.

There are many different safari guides in Siwa who will take you on an adventure into the desert.  Siwa is a small and close-knit community so it is very safe and you can trust the guides.  Everyone in the town will help each other to help you.  

The guides will arrange everything for you, from your food to official permission to sleep in the desert.

In the box on the left are some example programmes from safari tours in Siwa.  

All the tours and guides in Siwa are of a very similar quality and their prices are also very similar. 

due to the fact that most of  safari drivers do not use email on a regular basis, your reservation request will be sent to siwaoasis website and the manager of the site will contact the guides.


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