Muhammad Hosni Said Mubarak

The President of Egypt


A few local government officials who can provide you

 with information about Siwa. 

                     Shakr Mohamed 
Siwa town council

General liason for town government


                  Ibrahim Moussa Hemeda Abed El Raman
 Former,  Siwa NDP Secretary General

Former, president of the Farmer union in Siwa

General information about Culture and and life in Siwa and agriculture related questions.  Watch video


Mahdi Hweiti  
Tourist Office
Assistance with general tourism information.



    Abdel Aziz el De Mery‎
‎Archaeologist and Inspector of Antiquities‎

Provides information about Siwan monuments and antiquities.


  Abdullah Oumer 
Education officer
Chief education official of Siwa who is knowledgable about schooling,  ecological, and cultural issues.